What’s More Important: An Expensive Guitar or an Expensive Amp?

April 11th, 2017

By Christopher Scapelliti

If you could choose to have an expensive guitar and cheap amp, or an expensive amp and cheap guitar, which combination would you choose, and why?

That’s the question Tyler Larson poses in this video.

“Keep in mind the term ‘expensive’ really means high quality, and the term ‘cheap’ means lower quality,” he explains. “I’ve played some $2,000+ guitars that felt terrible, and some $400 amps that sounded amazing. Quality is in the hand of the shredder.”

Tyler has his own thoughts about the matter, so check out the video and weigh in with your opinion.

For more of Tyler’s videos, check out his Music Is Win channel.

  • Lee Rosenblum

    Good question! Frankly cheap guitars and amps can sound and feel great in the hands of a strong player. A $400 squire strat through a used blues Jr. can sound as good as a real 57′ through a tweed bassman. I’m a professional player and use the above combo (less than $900 for both)and it sounds great and I don’t have to worry about typical issues of theft, etc…
    I also have higher end vintage guitars and amps I use as well (in safe settings).
    So I guess my answer to the question is neither! It’s all in the hands of the player.
    All the best!

  • Larry E.Smith

    how would a vintage Gibson Les Paul 1959 Standard sound trough a customized Mesa boogie amp, being a average player?