Watch: Rick Nielsen Opens His Guitar Vault

February 11th, 2015


Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen is known to all for not only his guitar prowess but also his guitar collection, which includes more than 400 axes.

Rick’s been thinning his herd lately, having opened his own shop on, where he’s sold off several of his instruments.

In the video below, he gives us a look at several of them. As you can tell by the stacks of cases, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll be showing you more of that ice as soon as Rick reveals it.


  • Jim Sproles

    I met you many years ago in Daytona, Fl. Cheap Trick had just played at the bandshell, and Robin and you were at a nightclub north of town. Anyway, I use to have a small collection of vintage guitars, but when my father passed away in late 2001, I had to sell them to pay his medical bills. I used to love the old Les Paul Juniors and I noticed one that you have to sell. How much do you want for it? Please get back in contact with me.

    Jim Sproles

    • Jonathan Sommer

      Jim if you check on his website (linked above) you can see all the guitars he is selling. The Gibson Les Paul is still on sale for $6,400.

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  • excellent video

  • Very cool!

  • @Jim Sproles … you might find an answer to your question using the following link:

  • Tom

    this is sick
    what’s the point of being rich and buying countless of guitars and keeping them in storage

    too much money won’t do good

  • TJ Nugent

    Rick thinned the herd in a big way about 20 years ago. He did it through George Gruhn’s shop. At the time he needed money. I suppose there is such thing as having way too many guitars… lol What will his wife do with all of them once he is gone?

  • Morgan

    Why do people say ignorant things?!?!
    Hardly pointless to collect guitars, it’s an investment.
    And a hobby, who cares, it’s his business anyway.

  • Michael

    Amazing collection. What’s even more amazing is that it appeared that all but one or two guitars were in tune!

    On my way over to Rick’s ‘shop’ on now!

  • Mike

    Does Rick have a count on all these guitars (how many does he own?) and a price estimate of how much they are all worth?