Watch Jimi Hendrix’s Death Announcement from ABC News

September 25th, 2014

Guitar legend Jimi Hendrix died in London 44 years ago this month — on September 18, 1970. He was only 27.

Although all these facts have become common knowledge for rock and guitar fans, there was a moment when it was actual news — the sort of announcement that makes you always remember where you were when you heard it.

For instance, I remember I was in my crib with a bottle of formula in my hands.

Regardless, check out this actual ABC News announcement of the guitarist’s death.

Although it was totally normal and expected at the time, it’s amusing how the reporter treats rock music as something from another planet, a sign of the generation gap that still distanced reporters from a growing segment of the people they were reporting to.

  • Ray Williams

    He didn’t die from a drug overdose. He choked on his own vomit. It sad how they reported the news back then. He was a badass guitar player. The best in the world”…..

  • Matt Fleurant

    It’s not surprising. The same kind of disrespect was shown to Dimebaf Darrell when he was murdered. The media seemed to pay more attention to his nickname than the deranged person who killed him.

  • Chris A.

    He died from asphyxiation from a drug overdose… He vomited while passed out because of a drug overdose…

  • Márcio Sergino

    I want very more, the Hendrix music forever!

  • He actually took a sleeping pill and drank a glass of liquor and fell asleep. But while he was asleep, he vomited and choked on it. He didnt overdose.