Video: Yngwie Malmsteen Performs “Blue” on Local Memphis TV Show

May 6th, 2013

Guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen visited a local TV station in Memphis — WREG/News 3 — this past Friday morning, promoting his May 3 appearance at the 2013 Beale Street Music Festival.

Malmsteen chatted about his new album, Spellbound, and his new book, Relentless.

He also performed a few songs — including “Blue,” a track from his 1999 album, Alchemy — in front of an impressive array of Marshall stacks.

Check out the two videos below — and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

NOTE: If you want to hear Malmsteen play, go straight to the first video. If you want to hear him chat, then play, start with the second video!

  • Dom

    The greatest guitar player ever…….

  • rick wessel

    give me a break!

  • Michael

    Boring, ultra fast non musical crap.

  • aceman

    hse’s a real genius… yngwie rules!!

  • Mark Rubenstein

    Maybe one of the fastest and most tasteless guitarists. Lots of speed, but very little feeling. Everything sounds the a bee buzzing. Compare the emotion, tones and composition from Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Eric Johnson, and so many others to Yngwie’s playing….no comparison. Yngwie just plays an orgy of notes.

  • Angel

    …. you don’t feel that?

  • Shavanna

    all I can say is /drool! He gets better with age.

  • eric cran

    Yngwie is super cool, he’s been doin what he does for all of these years and He’s stuck to his guns despite all the haters. No Feeling? Really? ever heard his first album? Dude it’s riddled with feeling! But I will admit every song in Eminor does get a bit repititious after a while…

  • I like when his notes are more rhythmically tight within the chord structures. This probably would’ve been alot better if he was hearing the backing music at a louder volume. As far as emotional playing, he does go for the intense screaming note alot more than he’ll ever get credit for. But to add tight playing within the chord structure, with funky accents – that would make an instrumental piece like this a whole lot better.

  • Fast_Picker

    His melodic tunes never made me get tired of listening, especially the classical ones. Really an epic one.

  • People take notice…..your opinion’s are your opinion…just please …let your opinion be a little bit more less unresponsive on your finger’s and let the mind stay behind….learn too grasp the true genuine progression and metal inclusion…it’s metal meet’s bach not metal meet’s rap…one form is tasty the other is ..slow and unintentional. my opinion . thank you yngwie .