Video: Tronical Introduces TronicalTune, a Retrofit Robo-Tuning Device for Guitars

January 21st, 2014

Tronical has introduced its new TronicalTune device.

The following info is from the company:

The TronicalTune is a retrofit robo-tuning device that tunes your guitar in seconds. It requires no modifications or alterations to your instrument and installs in less than 10 minutes.

It speed-winds your strings and tunes your guitar with a push of a button and strum of the strings. There are various tuning modes, including multi-string and single-string, with up to 18 tuning presets.

Over the course of use, TronicalTune grows accustomed to your guitar by tracking overtones and adjusts tuning accordingly. It is compatible with hundreds of electric and acoustic guitar models.

The Tronical guys will be at Booth 5490 at the NAMM Show, hosting in-person demonstrations and interviews.

Price: $329

  • Steve Cutler

    The price is gonna have to come down a LOT before it will be a big seller.

  • Joey Harmon

    What is the difference between this and gibson’s min Etune?

  • Dwayne Barksdale

    Very cool. i want to know more about this. i wonder, does it keep the guitar in tune after it’s tuned? For example, on non-locking-trem guitars, bending strings can stretch them out of tune. i wonder if this device mitigates that at all. In any case, i want one for my axe, which stays in tune great (Floyd Rose), but i want it for when i change strings. Would be cool to have a transferable version, to work on other guitars- just place & go- but i realize there has to be some sort of direct linkage to the internal components of the tuners. Very cool, indeed!

  • Bad ass cool as hell now I need 300 bucks hahahaha

  • Richard S

    Ten minute instillation? How hard to change batteries?

  • Slick product but the price point needs to be $129 or lower for mass adoption.

  • Ed Kociela

    waaaaayyyyyyyyyy too expensive…

  • andrew


  • Sadanandam

    Un bilivable.fantastic super .reayly great.

  • Oaois

    What about V’s headstock?

  • 50 axes times 300 a pop, a removable Bluetooth version of this
    device, perhaps?

  • Jaylord

    WOW! COOL!