Unsung Greats: The Mastery of Frank Reckard

December 21st, 2016


By Damian Fanelli

In the mood for some mind-blowing picking from a guitarist that you—quite possibly—have never heard of before? You’re in luck.

Below, check out a late-Seventies video of Emmylou Harris’ Hot Band performing “Luxury Liner,” the title track from her late-1976 album.

The guitarist in the clip—the fellow in the short-sleeved blue shirt holding the B-bender-equipped TV Yellow double-cutaway Gibson Les Paul Jr.—is Frank Reckard.

Reckard replaced Albert Lee in Harris’ band when Lee hit the road with Eric Clapton; in fact, Lee plays on Harris’ studio version of “Luxury Liner,” a dangerously catchy tune that was written a decade earlier by Gram Parsons and recorded by his International Submarine Band.

And, as brilliant as Lee’s performance is on the record, Reckard’s live fretwork rivals it for sure.

Reckard’s first solo starts at :54—and he is simply crushing it, seamlessly incorporating his ace B-bender licks as he blazes through the chord changes. However, be sure to check out the extended “money” solo, which starts at 2:00 and just keeps on going.

It’s enough to make you scratch your head and wonder A. “What the hell have I been doing with my life?” and B. “Why don’t I know more about this Frank Reckard guy?”

  • TyroneShoelaces

    Reckard is currently the Special Assistant Attorney General for the State of New Mexico. Hope he still gets a little pickin’ in from time to time. What a talent.

  • James Ponder

    You don’t often see P-90 guitars in country music. Nice touch! I’ve always liked how they sound for blues and rock with a lot of distortion. Regardless, Reckard is definitely the best country shredder I never heard of! Awesome playing!