Ultimate Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute? Check Out Corey Stevens’ “Gone Too Long”

September 5th, 2014

By Damian Fanelli

One day in late 1995, I was driving to a town at the very top of New York state, just south of the Quebec border.

Suddenly, as I was passing through what seemed like the middle of nowhere (I might’ve been in the heart of New York’s awesome Adirondack Mountains) a strange song came on the radio.

Because the radio reception in the mountains was terrible and full of static, I couldn’t hear the song clearly. But it sounded like a “new” Stevie Ray Vaughan song; the guitar playing and the vocals sounded very much like that of the late SRV, who had been dead for five boring years.

I could make out a few of the lyrics, which included stuff like “that Texas sound,” “soul to soul” and “I’ve been gone too long.” It was as if SRV was saying howdy from the grave!

I remained confused by the mystery “SRV” song — until a few months later, when I found out (through my brother, who also had heard the song and decided to track it down, pre-Google) that it was written and recorded by a guitarist named Corey Stevens, a huge Vaughan fan.

Feel free to check out the song, “Gone Too Long,” below. Hopefully you can see why I was so bewildered that day. Remember, the reception in my car was terrible!

Stevens, a fine guitarist in his own right (with a huge discography, according to Wiki), is able to take on the personas of a host of blues and rock greats, most notably SRV. He also does a fine Eric Clapton.

“Gone Too Long” is available on Stevens’ 1995 album Blue Drops of Rain (Eureka Records), which is pictured above. The album also features a cover of SRV’s “Lenny” (See the bottom video below).

To see what Stevens is up to these days (and to catch one of his shows), visit coreystevens.com.

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