Tube Amp vs. Solid-State vs. Software: Can You Tell the Difference?

August 9th, 2016


Guitarist Darrell Braun has been serving up blind comparisons of guitars in his videos for quite some time now.

In this new video, he compares amps, specifically a Mesa/Boogie Blue Angel tube amp and a Fender Deluxe 90 solid-state model. He also throws in S-Gear2 amp modeling software just to mix things up even further.

“Can you hear the difference between a tube amp, solid-state amp, and amp modeling software?” he asks. “Take the challenge and find out.”

When you’re done, check out Darrell’s other great videos on his YouTube channel.

  • Bourian

    Hey man!
    Good stuff! Thanks for doing the video 🙂
    Tube I found best for clean sounds. Warmth and low end response were best imo..
    Then it gets difficult 😀
    Overdrive.. I suppose it would really depend on the song!
    Solid state, tube and last software.
    Distorted is even more difficult.
    I’d say SS, Software and tube last coz it felt the thinnest, but, again, might work best for the song…

    All the best,