The Oeno File: 2010 Gargiulo Rosato di Sangiovese

June 24th, 2011

By Chris Gill

Now that summer is officially here, it’s time to put your concentrated Cabernet and bodacious Bordeaux wines in the coolest confines of your cellar. This is the time of year for crisp white wines or, even better, a robust Rosé like the 2010 Gargiulo Rosato di Sangiovese. If your most recent recollection of Rosé wines was that glass of fizzy Mateus Rosé you had in the Seventies (apparently also a favorite of Saddam Hussein) or those cloyingly sweet White Zinfandels that were ubiquitous during the Eighties, don’t fear the pinkish hues of this dry Rosato, which is in an entirely different league above those pink abominations from the past.

Made entirely from Sangiovese grapes harvested from Gargiulo’s Money Road Ranch in Oakville, California, Gargiulo Rosato di Sangiovese is a flavor-packed, dry wine similar to the best pink-hued wines popular in the Mediterranean, like the dry Rosés of Provence and Tuscany. The rich, grayish pink color of this Rosato provides the first hint that this is no lightweight, wimpy wine. Crisp citrus flavors of grapefruit dominate with a touch of strawberry and spearmint on the finish, making this the perfect accompaniment for fish or sausages fresh off the grill. Gargiulo makes only about 300 cases of Rosato di Sangiovese each year, with the bulk of their Sangiovese grapes going towards the production of their excellent Aprile Super Oakville Blend, so if you see a bottle on your local wine sellers’ shelf don’t hesitate to buy it.

For more information visit Gargiulo Vineyards

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  1. Posted by Victor Lo Re' on October 6th, 2013, 19:53 [Reply]

    I am interested in speaking about the Rosato. Please ring me at 201-779-7977. This would be shipped to or purchaed from Boca Raton Florida. Thank you, Victor


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