The Great Courses’ “Understanding Modern Electronics”: Learn How to Build an Amp, Understand Feedback and More

February 5th, 2015

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In the last 100 years, the world has undergone a tremendous revolution made possible by advances in modern electronics.

Electronic devices—which manipulate electrons or their associated fields in fundamental ways to produce a useful effect—have provided us with ubiquitous, massive computational power; allow us to communicate nearly instantly with loved ones across the globe; can flawlessly record, safeguard and display information; and provide us with tremendously precise control of manufacturing devices and medical instruments.

They are fundamental to our global economy, improve our lives immeasurably and underlie virtually every aspect of modern life.

Yet very few of us have any idea of how electronic devices actually work!

That’s where The Great Courses comes in.

Understanding Modern Electronics, a new course on the Great Courses site (courtesy of Professor Richard Wolfson, Ph.D. of Middlebury College), will change the way you look at—and hear—the world. Lectures include “Electricity and Electronics”; “Up the Treble, Down the Bass”; “Transistors as Amplifiers”; “Building an Audio Amplifier”; “The Ideal Amplifier”; “Feedback Magic”; “Digital Versus Analog”; “Flip-Flop Circuits” and more!

For more about Understanding Modern Electronics, visit and watch the video below.