Ronnie Montrose Cause Of Death Still in Undetermined

April 3rd, 2012

The March 3, 2012,  death of legendary  guitarist Ronnie Montrose is still under investigation by the authorities in  Brisbane, California. While it was widely thought that Montrose had succumbed to colon cancer, the legendary guitarist, who played with such artists as Sammy Hagar, Van Morrison and Edgar Winter, was actually in remission at the time of his demise at the age of 64.

Responding to queries by British magazine Classic Rock, Jeannette Maldonado of the Brisbane police acknowledged that the case was not closed but would not reveal any further details. “This case is still under investigation, pending the coroner’s report, and is not available for release,” she said.

After Montrose’s death at the beginning of March, his official website had stated that,  “True to form, he chose his own exit the way he chose his own life.”