Queen Discuss the Biggest Year of Their Career in Newly Unearthed Video

January 7th, 2016


Queen have just uploaded a set of official video interviews with the band members that was conducted in spring 1986 for the release of their album A Kind of Magic. The year was the biggest of the group’s career, as it saw them not only release the new album but also launch their most ambitious tour and write music for the action-fantasy film Highlander, featuring Sean Connery and French actor Christopher Lambert. Some of that music was itself included on A Kind of Magic.

In the interviews, guitarist Brian May explains how the group were worn out from the highly productive sessions for 1984’s The Works and at first felt reluctant to undertake a new project.

“We usually said no, because we just didn’t want to be—we wanted a rest, to be honest,” May says. “And then we saw that 20-minutes cut of this Highlander film, and we thought, Great, that’s us.”

May also tells how the film inspired him to write “Who Wants to Live Forever,” the Kind of Magic track he wrote and on the album with lead singer Freddie Mercury. And he explains the challenges of writing songs for the creative collective that Queen was at the time and of seeing one’s ideas through to completion.

“If I write a song which has a particular idea behind it and I can hear it in my head, I’ll take it to the other three, and they will see it totally differently and want to do it in a different way,” May says. “And some of their input will be very good and very necessary, and some of it will probably actually destroy the meaning of the song.”