Militant Style: Tsovet SVT-FW44

February 16th, 2011

By Christopher Scapelliti

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We first took a shine to Tsovet’s clean-and-classic timepieces in our Spring 2010 issue (featuring Academy Award–winning actor Jeff Bridges). The designs of the California-based watchmaker take inspiration from vintage military gauges and dials, combining vaguely avionic-style bezels and oversized crowns with distinguished (and at times eye-catching) color schemes. Tsovet watches are also impressively large, with cases up to 48mm in diameter, making them perfect for the large-wrist crowd as well as any man who wants to stand out without resorting to foppish flamboyance.

The SVT-FW44 is the latest addition to the Tsovet line. Inspired by the WWI infantryman’s field watch, the Swiss-made FW44 is a handsome timepiece to help you synchronize and coordinate movement on the business and social battlefields. With a 44mm case, the FW44 is smaller than most Tsovet timepieces, lending it an appropriately efficient look for those days when you’re dashing from one meeting to another. The media-etched case and screw-down crown repel wind and water, and Super Luminova hands and dial markers help you keep time after the sun goes down.

The FW44 comes in four varieties, including the FW110110-02 (matte stainless case on black leather strap, with silver dial, black markers, and black hands), the FW110111-01 (matte stainless case on brown leather strap, with silver dial, black markers, and blue hands), and the FW330110-02 (matte PVD black case on black leather strap, with white dial, black markers, and black hands).

But our favorite is the FW331011-02, whose black dial and vintage-tan luminous markers recall the infantry look that originally inspired the line. The FW331011-02 features a Ronda 1014 Swiss quartz movement comprised of all Swiss components and assembled by Swiss craftsmen, with an eye-port second hand positioned at the “6” position. The aerospace-grade PVD black case is set on a band of rouille leather, with rouille leather back and matte PVD black buckle. If you have a day in which to do battle, this watch will carry you through it in civilized style. The FW331011-02 ships in late February with a list price of $495.