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The March/April 2014 issue of Guitar Aficionado catches up with six 2014 Winter Olympians who will enter the heat of Olympic competition in the winter of 2014. But J.R. Celski, Lowell Bailey, Andy Newell, Stacey Cook, Laurenne Ross and Tim Jitloff spend their free time cooling down with six strings.

Guitar Aficionado also has a motoring special, celebrating three movers and shakers who find their passion at the intersection of cars and guitars.

First, former NASCAR driver Kyle Petty has switched from four wheels to two, but he’s always relied on the comfort of six strings. Next, Jason Chinnock details how playing guitar in a touring band landed one auto enthusiast a prime gig at Lambourghini. And finally, famed luthier Bill Collings divides his time between crafting guitars and building hot rods.

The Risan Collection, which includes nearly 300 of the world’s finest vintage archtop, flattop and classical/flamenco guitars hit Guernsey’s auction block in April.

From England to Vienna, via Paris, the Alps and Italy. How to see Europe in four days, in a Rolls-Royce Wraith.

Plus reviews, guitar care, watches, spirits and much more!

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January/February 2014: Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen serves up a personal tour of his favorite guitars. Ed’s extraordinary collection reveals his endless fascination with the tools of his trade.

We check out the impressive collection of Ernie Boch Jr. Ernie may preside over a multibillion-dollar auto-dealer empire in Boston, but his true passion is his wicked-cool collection of classic, as well as uncommon, axes.

We hit the links with Joe Don Rooney of Rascal Flatts, who makes sure to get in a round of golf before he hits the stage on each tour stop. Further on we check in with Sergio Dias, the long-time leader of Os Mutantes, who also designs the remarkable electric guitars with which he creates his group’s genre-fusing music.


November/December 2013: John Stamos

Guitar Aficionado‘s November/December features John Stamos, who is best known for his TV and Broadway roles, but the Necessary Roughness star has also enjoyed a three-decade career supporting the Beach Boys in more ways than one. Stamos recalls his first time playing with the Beach Boys, and even showing Jimmy Page how to play a few three-chord songs.

Also, we take you to California’s Sonoma wine country for the Healdsburg Guitar Festival, where the world’s finest guitar builders convene for this biannual show.

In the November/December issue we also take a look back at the era when C.F. Martin & Co. laid the foundation for the modern steel-string flattop acoustic guitar.


September/October 2013: Paul Allen

Guitar Aficionado’s September/October issue features multi-billionaire, inventor, investor, philanthropist, co-founder of Microsoft and founder and chairman of Vulcan Inc. Paul Allen. Allen adds “rock star” to his curriculum vitae with his new album Everywhere at Once, which includes guest spots from Joe Walsh, Derek Trucks and others.

Further on we learn the story of a truly one-of-a-kind 6120 that Gretsch and Chet Atkins collaborated on in 1956 and how that paved the path to the “Country Gentleman.” Plus; Fall style preview with actor Danny Masterson; the new film and box set covering the brief but brilliant career of blues rocker Mike Bloomfield; and much more!


July/August 2013: John Fogerty

In the July/August 2013 issue of Guitar Aficionado John Fogerty goes guitar crazy on Wrote a Song for Everyone. The guitar legend enlists friends like Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and Dave Grohl to reinvent some of his best-loved songs.

Also, brothers Aaron and Bryce Desner are respected instrumentalists, composers, and event curators – not to mention the two guitarists in alternative rock’s genre leading group, The National.

Further on, Guitar Aficionado celebrates the 140 year history of the storied guitar company Epiphone, and the man responsible for the brands legacy, Epaminondas Stathopoulo.


May/June 2013: Ed Helms

GA gets together with Ed Helms, whose comically profane songs are some of the most hilarious moments in the blockbuster Hangover movie franchise. But his love of bluegrass and commitment to mastering its intricacies give him some serious cred.

We catch up with Steve Martin, who turned a love affair with the banjo into a blossoming musical career, and continues with his new roots-oriented bluegrass album Love Has Come For You.

Guitar Aficionado continues with comedy by picking the guitar’s 25 funniest onscreen scenes from TV/film. We review all five guitars in the historic Crossroads Collection inspired by the instruments Eric Clapton played in his career.


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