A Young Eric Clapton Delivers the Goods for Aretha Franklin in 1967

June 28th, 2016


By Damian Fanelli | Photo: Ivan Keeman/Getty Images

In December 1967, while he was still a member of Cream, 22-year-old British guitar phenom Eric Clapton was brought into a recording studio in the U.S. and asked to add a guitar part to Franklin’s powerful “Good to Me As I Am to You.”

It represents Clapton’s first official American recording session as a “famous guest guitarist” lending his skills—and, to some degree, his name—to someone else’s recording. That’s Clapton’s guitar—we assume it’s a Gibson of some sort—in the left speaker; note that you might have to turn it up a bit for the full effect.

“Good to Me As I Am to You” was released January 1968 on Franklin’s Lady Soul album. Other musicians on the track include Spooner Oldham (organ), Tommy Cogbill (bass) and Roger Hawkins (drums). Enjoy!

  • james whisler

    Play that Guitar Eric! Awsome.

  • Michael

    This, this, is music. Not that manic, 1000-miles per hour guitar pyro technic Van Halen stuff (three videos included on this GA email).

  • Thanks for great cut I’ve was unfamiliar with! RM