Les Paul and Mary Ford Have a Guitar Duel in 1954

January 14th, 2016


By Christopher Scapelliti

Back in the Fifties, when the name Les Paul was spoken, it was often in tandem with that of Mary Ford, his wife and musical partner.

The duo were among the biggest recording artists of the early Fifties, cutting 16 top-10 hits, including “How High the Moon” and “Vaya Con Dios.” In 1951 alone, they sold six million records. Small wonder that Gibson sought out Les in 1952 to put his name on their new solidbody electric guitar.

While Mary Ford was the featured singer on the couple’s songs, she was a fine guitarist as well, as the clip below reveals. It comes from a performance on the NBC TV show The Colgate Comedy Hour and originally aired in March 1954, with the comedy duo Abbott and Costello as hosts.

In the video, Les and Mary, each with a Gibson Les Paul, perform a mock guitar battle during a performance of a song called “There’s No Place Like Home.” Enjoy this classic.

  • Henry Rodriguez

    What like of Les Pauls are those, the cable plugs into the body from the top near the knobs. Every LP, I’ve ever seen plugs in from the bottom of the rear bout.? WOW!