Late-’50s Roger Guitar by Wenzel Rossmeisl at Lark Street Music

October 19th, 2012

By Buzzy Levine

Here’s what’s new and interesting at Lark Street Music in Teaneck, New Jersey.

This is a Roger guitar by Wenzel Rossmeisl from probably the late ’50s. Wenzel was a German guitar builder (He loothed real good!), and he named this guitar line after his son, Roger. Roger became an innovative builder/designer at Rickenbacker until about 1962, when he moved on to work at Fender.

For more information, check out Lark Street Music’s official website and Facebook page.

Photos: Bernard Levine

  • tom berry

    took me right back to the 50,s when i saw this, i had a blonde two pickup model

  • Jim Ludlam

    I have recently purchased a blonde 2 pickup model.. Pride of place in my collection. Rossmeisl could looof . Every aspect of the guitar is utterly amazing. Found it for £450.00. Absolute BARGAIN. Would have paid 3x that. Grail of a machine & rare as hens teeth..

    • Mark Paulding

      I just noticed your comment about appreciating the 2 pickup model similar to the one in the photos here. I have one of those also and the amplifier that goes with it. If you would like more information about them contact me. I am in Austin, Texas. Thanks

      • Stefan Boodt

        Hi mark, I icked one of these up completely stripped apart from the machine heads, even the fingerboard was missing! for £3 at a car boot fair. I’ve been painstakingly been putting it back together piece by piece but know very little about it. I don’t even know that this particular model of Roger this is called! any information would be fantastic, thanks

    • Ciaran Haslett

      Hi Jim

      Total shot in the dark here. A friend asked my to refurb his two pickup Blonde 57. The story goes that about 30 years ago he had a fella look at it and for reasons unknown he bypassed most of the controls and went straight to output.

      I’m looking to put it back to stock and wondering if you have a wiring diagram/pics of the guts for me to reference? I’m assuming its a simple volume/tone/on switch per pickup as I cannot find any info on its controls.

      Strangely there was only one capacitor present for tone so maybe its neck>switch>MASTER volume and bridge>switch>tone>MASTER volume?

      Again total shot in the dark but any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Mark Paulding

    Stefan; goto

    The guitar seems to be the model 57. I have the blond guitar, amplifier and the original case. If you cruise around on Google long enough you can find a lot of info. Look for Wenzel Rossmeisl.

    • Stefan Boodt

      Hi mark, thanks very much, that was really useful! and I bet that looks lovely blonde…

    • peter van san

      Hi Mark,

      I just bought one of these Roger guitars. Could you send me pics of yours ? And of the case and amp please. The ones I find on the internet all have different hardware or headstocks and I’d love to be able to date them. I know the headstocks are a clue… Do you know when they started producing these models?

      Many thanks for any info !


      • mark paulding

        Peter – I have not been back to this site for a long time. I do have quite a few pictures of the guitar and matching amp. Though I traded them off for a Fender amp setup. I think that the guitar is for sale now at a store in New Jersey. Get me your email and I can send the pics.

  • Kenny Watkins

    I have a model 57 sunburst 2 pick-up for sale if anyone is interested. I’m in th UK.

    • peter van san

      Hi Kenny,
      I could be… try me at peter .van
      All the best

  • Don Christoff

    What this guitar sell for?

  • anthony kevill

    I have a 1950 roger electric guitar.It was my dad he past away in 2007.He had it sine the late 1970.It in good condition it have its original pick up and bigsby unit but there is 1 tuneing tap missing

  • tom

    hi i have a early 50’s ROGER solid body w/ bixby if interested ?
    excellent condition . will send pics if interested .. this guitar has a non standard jack . it looks like a old thin phone jack instead of the standard 1 /4 ” cord plug