Jon Kammerer Customs Unveils Pegasus Acoustic Bass

February 13th, 2017


Jon Kammerer Customs is pleased to announce its newest model, the Pegasus Bass.

Lightweight and well balanced, the Pegasus Acoustic Bass includes intuitive bridge-end tuners, an integrated guitar stand, Graph Tech Ghost piezo system, and a headless, 24-fret, 34-inch scale neck.

Numerous wood and color customizations are available at no extra cost. Prices start at $3,200 list and $2,400 street. A case is included.

Standard Features:

  • Patented feedback-stopping design
  • Double cutaway body with excellent access to higher frets
  • Extremely comfortable, ergonomic design
  • 24 fret, 34 inch scale neck
  • Graph Tech Ghost pickup system with volume and tone controls
  • Integrated stand incorporated into body
  • Balanced body with tuners in easy to use location
  • Saddles adjustable for height and intonation
  • Exotic contoured body
  • Adjustable tone plate with replaceable saddle interface
  • Strap locks
  • Case included

Optional features at no extra cost:

  • Any compound or singular fret board radius
  • Fret board materials: Maple, Walnut, Ebony, Rosewood or Lacewood
  • Neck wood: Walnut, Maple, or Cherry
  • Body wood: Walnut, Maple, or cherry
  • Hardware color: gold, chrome, black, or satin
  • Fret size options or fretless
  • Right- or Left-handed

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