Jimmy Page Jams Alone for Two and a Half Minutes on Acoustic Guitar

July 19th, 2016


By Christopher Scapelliti

The 2008 documentary It Might Get Loud gave guitar fans an unprecedented inside look at the history, influences and guitar styles of Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White.

In this outtake from the film, Page jams an uncredited instrumental on an acoustic guitar while sitting alone in a large room. The guitar appears to be in an open tuning, possibly C.

The clip runs more then two and a half minutes and offers a unique opportunity to see the great Led Zeppelin guitarist work out on his own.

Page is reportedly working on making his return to music with a new project. The guitarist said late last year that he’ll return with a new band in 2016 playing music that is “totally different” from his work with Led Zeppelin.

“The writing that I’ve been doing, I’m thinking of it in a totally different way,” he says. “And that has a charm of its own, and an excitement to it.”

  • David Densmore

    It’s great to hear the greats one on one, doing with what they are gifted.

  • Shan David Drew

    I wish he would put out more…He’s is one of are inspiring guitarist in he’s time or to com…thanks I really like to say thank you…

  • Brilliant, would love to see more of time. Even an acoustic would would be amazing.

  • I love this…wish there was more shots of Jimmy and less shots of the floor.

  • Sounds like my playing when I’m drunk…or mad…lol. I think the camera person was scared, got to get in there and get your shots…

  • paul Lawrence

    perhaps he should take up painting,he has a right interior for a gallery.