Jimi Hendrix Sound Engineer Eddie Kramer to Take Part in Live Twitter Q&A Wednesday, October 30

October 28th, 2013

This Wednesday, October 30, Jimi Hendrix’s longtime sound engineer, Eddie Kramer; Jimi’s sister Janie Hendrix; and American Masters: Jimi Hendrix — Hear My Train A Comin’ director Bob Smeaton and producer John McDermott will take part in a live Twitter Q&A.

The Q&A, which will take place 9 p.m. EST/6 p.m. PST, will be hosted by @PBSAmerMasters and @JimiHendrix, live from the Grammy Museum.

Fans can submit questions NOW in the comments section of the American Masters website HERE.

Follow the discussion on Twitter under #HendrixPBS.

  • This is a question for Eddie Kramer.

    Thanks Concerning Jimi’s 64/67 painted Flying V. There is a person out there that claimed he had it. and then sold it as Jimis psychedelic flying V. Did you have anything to do with authenticating this guitar. When in fact Dave Brewis The one who claimed he found it in a pawn shop then restored it in England. It is also said that your photo (from Madison square Garden in 69) was used to authenticate a third V Jimi supposedly owned. I myself have studied this since 1995 at least and with forensics have come to many conclusions. Could you enlighten us on the facts that you know concerning the authentication of these guitars with your photos and what your real thoughts are about the V or V’s? Do you believe that there were three? ,and do you think that the guitar that Dave Brewis claimed was Jimi’s is actually Jimi’s? I seem to defer in opinion If You say Yes to either.

    P.S. Would Gerry Stickells be available in helping in identifying these guitar. I know where this guitar has been since 1978 and still do know the where about, can you help enlighten us on this matter.

  • I was wondering if any of the questions posted here will be read by Eddie Kramer? or did I write this history changing statement so a piece of Rock History history can just disappear? This is such a big part and very special piece of gear of Jimi’s. To me it is one of the most important guitars Jimi owned, played and loved. He used it for a long stretch and didnt smash it like so many Strats were destroyed. So much has not been written. pertaining to this gear but should be investigated beyound ;o)

  • Peyton Meisner

    Question to Eddie Kramer….

    On the track Burning of the Midnight Lamp, I was wondering what studio effects were put in to make the song sound the way it does. Thanks and Peace Out!