In Memoriam: A Gary Moore Playlist

February 8th, 2011

By Tony Grassi

Irish blues rock guitar legend Gary Moore passed away at the age of 58 on February 6, 2011, believed to be the victim of a heart attack. In memoriam, Guitar Aficionado presents five essential Moore songs selected from a body of work spanning four-plus decades.

“Parisienne Walkways”
Live at the Marquee, 1983
Originally a UK Top Ten single from 1979’s Back on the Streets, this extended instrumental version of Moore’s signature track perhaps best showcases the guitarist’s razor-sharp prowess.

“Still In Love With You”
Nightlife, 1974 (Thin Lizzy)

While officially credited to Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott, many reports cite Moore as the song’s composer. What isn’t open for debate is that “Still in Love With You” ranks among the band’s most lauded ballads, highlighted by sweeping Moore leads.

“Still Got the Blues”
Still Got the Blues, 1990

Prior albums focused variously on hard rock and jazz-fusion, but this 1990 effort laid the groundwork for the direction Moore would take for much of the next two decades. The title track, with its grand lead line, remains a modern blues guitar classic.

“Story of the Blues”
After Hours, 1992

It’s easy to forget amidst the soaring cries of his guitar—which are in no short supply here—that Moore had one of the most heartfelt voices in blues. Equal parts simmering control and expressive wail, Moore’s singing on “Story of the Blues” aptly captures the song’s wrenching lament.

“Enough of the Blues”
Back to the Blues, 2001

A gritty, swaggering blues, on which Moore doles out stratospheric bends and shimmering vibrato; “Enough of the Blues” added a little punch and sting to the guitarist’s oft-somber later work.

  • MrRocknRoll

    Such a tragic loss…..this is a great list, but I would also add the song “Power Of The Blues” , just one more of Gary Moore’s killer blues tunes

  • Clarissa Wright

    What sad news. I am a staunch, heartfelt Gary Moore fan….If there is a Rock and Roll Heaven…NOW they have a HELL OF A BAND…rest in peace, Gary!! I love you and you will be greatly missed.

  • I’m a long time fan, many tunes from thin Lizzy to his solo stuff are staples of my playlists. One of my faves is “Cold Hearted” off “Corridors Of Power” – A simple yet stunning shredfest. R.I.P. Gary, you will be missed.:-(

  • Martin

    “End Of The World”, a galloping rocker with Jack Bruce sharing lead vocals, is a forgotten gem. Play on, Gary, and Godspeed.


    the world is a much sadder placeWITH THE PASSING OF GARY. u definetely have to ad WALKING BY MYSELF

  • RIP, my fellow Belfast man…

    Add these to the mix please….

    ‘Killer’ from Cozy Powell’s solo album ‘Over the Top’ and Gary’s work with ‘Colosseum II’ – outstanding!!!

  • Thank you for the music Gary…….