Guitar Aficionado Extra: Fender CEO Larry Thomas

February 17th, 2011

Photography by Kevin Scanlon

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In the new issue of Guitar Aficionado we visit with Fender CEO Larry Thomas at his Los Angeles area home. Thomas was gracious to sit with GA and discuss his career and lifelong love of guitars, as well as provide the magazine and its readers with glimpses of some of the beautiful pieces that comprise his collection. Here, we present a selection of photo outtakes of some of his stunning Fenders.

  • spencer archibald

    i am writing this comment to find out why fender has not issued the long awaited Robert Shakespearre signature fender jazz bass. robbie has played bass on more recordings than any bassist living or dead. His smart and relaxed spacious styl of playing has always been very unique. He could have easily passed over a million recordings and lots of his work has went on to become classics.His main instrument was the fender jazz bass. So i am asking the question, why has fender continue to turn the blind eye to this great bassist whose music has liberated more countries around the world than the beatles and any of the so called great rock and roll bands. I am calling on larry thomas to do this man some justice, please. Thank you very much and i am looking to purchase my robbie shakespearre very soon.

  • Keith Baumbaugh


    I am a Staff Sergeant in the military and I purchased the new EVH 5150 III. I have owned it for about a year and a half now and the Fender Repair shop here in Jackksonville Florida has had it about half of the time I have had it. It seems I bought quite the lemon I have been on the phone with your customer support numerous times concerning the units inability to function properly. I have asked Fender to just please replace it with one that works like it should and they keep on sending me back to repair shop. Now they want to ship it to New Jersey for further technical support. I feel that I didn’t pay 3,100 dollars for my amp to get yanked apart a dozen times for manufacturing problems that cant be fixed. So my question is …. Why can’t Fender just replace the amp ????

  • Keith Baumbaugh


    I have video footage on YouTube titled ” EVH 5150 III Seriously Defective ” part 1 and 2 that I forwarded to Fender to demonstrate in highest quality that my amp was built at 5 o clock on a Friday somewhere in Mexico.

  • did fender hire a coo recently then part company with him in less than a month?…in the gibson guitar museum kazoo we have unique vintage gibsons but many fenders also…i recently bought the remains of the wechter guitar company in paw paw michigan left when he sold to sweetwater…it was a diamante grezzo(diamond in the rough purchas of wood benders molds and vacuum units…the wood was gobbled up by boutique luthiers and and repair experts…would taylor guitar be on the market? and is guitar center in a “short sale” restructuring mode?…will guitar centers start closing(in certain areas?) or be sold soon?