Gibson Just Unveiled a Strange New Body Shape at CES2017

January 11th, 2017

PHOTO: Francisco Rivera via Twitter

By Christopher Scapelliti

Gibson showed a new guitar at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week, and the few photos of it that are circulating are generating quite a buzz.

The new model was apparently first revealed in this January 5 post from Twitter user Francisco Rivera.

The photo shows a body shape that recalls a more refined version of the Gibson M-III, with its offset twin horns, but with a comparatively sedate appearance and a stop tailpiece rather than a Floyd Rose. The rosewood fretboard and block inlays are also a departure from the maple fretboard and arrow-head inlays found on the M-III.

The controls are most likely a single volume and tone and a pickup selector. The photo shows a gold-finished model in the foreground and what appears to be models in black and flame finishes behind it.

Hopefully we’ll know more about this after Winter NAMM 2017, coming up next week. Stay tuned for updates.

  • Julien

    Same as the tak Matsumoto signature non? Not a new shape imho.

  • Mark Kregel

    It looks like a Strat and a Les Paul got together and had a love child…

  • Marion Sanchez

    I’d be interested. Think it kind of looks cool. Depends on the feel and sound you can get out of it with your fingers.

  • Larry Odneal

    Why has no one noticed the OTHER new shape on the yellowish guitar right BEHIND the black flamed one? It looks like a smaller ES-335 with pointy horns. Also a bit like a smaller Trini Lopez model. Is it solid or hollow? Semi-hollow? Are you all blind?

    • Jimmie Martino

      That’s not new, that’s a Johnny A. Signature model.

  • Charles Emery

    Looks too much like Washburn Idol

  • Daniel Marois

    Why do you call the shape strange? It’s certainly no stranger than many others.

  • JB Bertrand

    I think it would be funny if Paul Reed Smith flipped the script on Gibson, and it was HE who was suing THEM for releasing a guitar with a design that is somewhat similar to his this time. Not that I think that they are all that similar, but I didn’t think the singlecut PRS was all that similar to the Les Paul, either.

  • Mike

    the reason I don’t like PRS is they are ugly to me…just like these are ugly. No thanks

  • William Gallerizzo

    That’s not that strange. Looks like a lot of other tings out there. Again, Gibson designers can’t think outside the box. This is as conservative as it gets.

  • George Guttler

    looks like the Johnny A or an Ibanez…..zzzzzz