George Harrison Stratocaster sold by Borders Liquidators

November 9th, 2011

More than 10 years ago, George Harrison presented a signed Fender Stratocaster and presented it to the Ann Arbor, Michigan, headquarters of Borders—the now-bankrupt book and music retailer —where it sat in a glass case in the lobby. The Beatle had reportedly given the guitar to the retail chain for supporting one of his reissues.

Until recently, that is. LA Times is reporting that liquidators for the defunct chain placed the guitar on eBay last month with a starting bid of… $500.

A representative of the liquidation group confirmed that the guitar had been purchased but declined to disclose the winning bid.

It’s also reported that several former employees who worked at the company’s headquarters tried to raise the funds to buy the guitar but were either unable to do so or were turned down.

  • John O’Grady

    If that guitar sold for about a grand…its a fuckin disgrace. Why didnt they auction it and give the cash to charity. Looks like they did with this guitar what they did with thier store management…..fu@#ed it up big time. I hope whoever got the ax looks after it and treats it with the reverence it deserves.