Aficionado Extras: Carlos Santana’s Psychedelic “Strat”

September 24th, 2012

by Richard Bienstock

In the Fall 2010 issue, we ran a feature on Carlos Santana’s guitar collection. Here’s one of the groovy instruments that we couldn’t squeeze into the article!

In the mid Eighties, Santana began to work with the visual artist Michael Rios, whose hallucinogenic, “magical realist” style is almost telepathically in sync with the guitarist’s musical aesthetic and spiritual vision. Rios has created numerous posters, graphics, silk-screened t-shirts and album covers for Santana, notably the cover art for the multiplatinum Supernatural in 1999.

Rios also designed this guitar for Santana, painting the body of a Fernandes Strat-style guitar that was later retrofitted with a Fender neck. When Rios presented the instrument to Santana, the guitarist was struck by one image in particular—the disembodied hand on the upper body bout, with a glowing triangular shape resting in the palm.

“Every time I took LSD, I would lose all sense of everything,” Santana told GA, “I always found a guitar pick in the middle of my hand. And I’d say, ‘This thing has something to do with who I am and what I do in this lifetime.’ Whether I had lost all identity of being Carlos Santana or being Mexican or whatever, there was always a pick in my hand, and that somehow connected me with my purpose in life. I never told Michael Rios about any of that. But look on that guitar, there’s a pick in the hand. See that? I don’t know how Michael knew that. But that was the only thing that brought me back out of LSD. Some people never came back.”

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  1. Posted by anthony on September 5th, 2013, 11:43 [Reply]

    Awsome! I seen him in an old magazine spread with this guitar before thanks for posting this I always wondered the history behind it.

    any chance you guys can post his guitar collection on here from the billy gibbons issue too?

    thanks I’m a huge fan of this magazine


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