Enter Sweetwater’s #BuildYourBoogie Sweepstakes

March 24th, 2016


We’ve all imagined what our dream amp would look like if we designed it. Through April 22, 2016, the #BuildYourBoogie Sweepstakes will give you a chance to dream, design and WIN a custom Mesa/Boogie amp.

Customizations include custom grills, materials, finishes, straps and more—on ANY amp model. The combinations in Sweetwater’s configurator are nearly infinite.

To enter the #BuildYourBoogie Sweepstakes:

(1) Visit sweetwater.com/giveaway/mesa-boogie/ and click on “Start Building Yours.” 

(2) Design your dream Mesa/Boogie using Sweetwater’s #BuildYourBoogie configurator.

(3) Submit your entry and share on social media before midnight April 22, 2016!

So, what does your dream amp look like?