Eddie Van Halen and Sammy Hagar Exchange a Birthday Tweet

January 27th, 2016


By Christopher Scapelliti

January 26 was Eddie Van Halen’s 61st birthday, and in true fashion he got a surprise gift: a birthday tweet from his former bandmate Sammy Hagar.

Ed responded in kind:

The exchange, though minor, marks a thaw in the icy relationship between the two men. Reportedly, they haven’t spoken since Van Halen’s 2004 reunion tour, which was the first time they’d played together since Hagar left the group in 1996.

Hagar shared details of that tour in his 2012 autobiography, Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock, noting, “What happened on that reunion tour in ’04 was some of the most miserable, back-stabbing dark crap I’ve ever been involved with my whole life.” Van Halen was said to be especially unhappy with Hagar’s description of the tour, in which he shared details about the guitarist’s health and struggles with alcohol.

And we’re pretty sure Ed wasn’t pleased when Sammy took to Facebook last June to refute Ed’s claims that founding Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony didn’t write his own bass parts and wasn’t such a great singer. In his widely seen clip, Hagar stared down the camera and delivered an uncensored condemnation of Van Halen.

Still, the tweets are bound to fuel speculation that Van Halen could launch a new reunion tour with Hagar, as they did with original singer David Lee Roth this past summer. Rumors that a “Van Hagar” reunion was imminent came to life this month after Michael Anthony was photographed with a road case bearing the Van Halen name. Anthony quashed the rumor on Facebook, noting that the shoot took place in his warehouse, where he keeps many road cases and gear from his Van Halen days.

But for faithful VH fans, even that won’t be enough to keep them from hoping. After all, if Slash and Axl could reunite after all these years and bad blood, could a Van Halen–Sammy Hagar reunion really be an impossibility?

  • Really surprised that Sammy would make disparaging remarks about Michael Anthony since Michael played bass in Sammy’s Cabo Wabo band!

    • Ken MacAlister

      Hi Bill. Sammy Hagar defended Michael Anthony. The negative remarks regarding Michael Anthony’s singing & those stating he didn’t write his own bass parts came from EVH. I developed greater respect for Sammy Hagar for that & lost respect for EVH for his accusations against Michael Anthony. The healing of a broken relationship is a great thing though. I hope tey make amends. Michael Anthony & Sammy Hagar don’t need Van Halen though. Van Halen need Michael Anthony & Sammy Hagar. Dave’s voice is shot judging from the live tunes I’ve heard & the loss of Michael Anthony’s backing vocals make this even more evident. I always preferred the original VH lineup over the Van Hagar lineup due to the guitar playing being more up front on those early records, but the magic is gone & that ship has sailed. Sammy Hagar is a much better singer though & I can see why the VH brothers would now want him back. VH’s music just seemed to lose it’s bite after the transition in ’85 & I blame EVH’s fascination with keyboards after “1984” for this, not the addition of Sammy Hagar. Hagar’s solo albums are good rock albums & you won’t find any keyboard driven fluff on them. Sammy Hagar & Michael Anthony sound & fit much better in their own band. For me anyway, Van Halen is history. They (the Van Halen brothers) should leave well enough alone. They’ve already trashed their brand & image enough through their feuding, accusations against Hagar & Anthony, & over inflated egos. If Sammy & Mike are smart they’ll continue on their own even if old wounds are healed.

  • Thomas Winch

    Bill Rich Sammy didn’t make disparaging remarks about Michael Anthony, EVH did in an interview with Billboard Magazine. Sammy posted an angry rant against it on his facebook page.