Dave Grohl Returns to Drums, Plays “Learn to Fly” with Muppets Band

December 3rd, 2015


By Christopher Scapelliti

In case anyone forgot, Foo Fighters guitarist and frontman Dave Grohl is a pretty awesome drummer. As the skinsman for Nirvana, he laid down some killer beats before picking up the guitar and launching the Foos.

Fans got a reminder of Grohl’s drum talents during the closing credits of ABC’s The Muppets on the December 1 show, where he traded beats with the character Animal in an epic drum-off. The two matched each other beat for beat before pieces of their kits collapsed to the floor. Clutching their sticks and gasping for air, they looked at each other and simultaneously said, “You win.”

The drum duel continues the feud established in the 2011 movie The Muppets, where Grohl appeared as Animool, the drummer of a rip-off group called the Moopets.

Grohl was also featured in last night’s episode playing guitar with Electric Mayhem, who serve as Miss Piggy’s house band on her late-night show. You can watch their performance of the Foo Fighters hit “Learn to Fly” in the video below. The Grohl-Animal drum-off follows at 2:27.

  • how much more do we need to hear about David Grohl

    His music is OK, songs written are OK to not so good
    There must be more musicians you could cover
    He is over publicized and for no real good reason