Cracker Premiere “King of Bakersfield” Music Video

December 21st, 2014


By Damian Fanelli

Cracker have premiered a new music video for “King of Bakersfield,” and you can check it out below.

The song is from the band’s new album, Berkeley to Bakersfield, which, by the way, was one of my top 15 albums of 2014.

You can check out my complete Top 15 list right here. You know you want to!

Berkeley to Bakersfield, which was released in December via 429 Records, is a double album dedicated to California; well, bits of it, anyway.

Although the entire album is fun, spirited and engaging, I admit I prefer the Bakersfield portion, which features pedal steel guitar courtesy of Matt “Pistol” Stoessel.

As its name implies, “King of Bakersfield” is from the “Bakersfield” half of the album. The music video features a photo essay by Bradford Jones.

I have to say, it kinda makes me want to visit Bakersfield. Is this a normal reaction? I’m going to NAMM in January; maybe I’ll make a pitstop. Someone stop me if this is crazy!

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  • Mark r

    Great feel, would love to listen to this while traveling

  • Sweet! I’m hearin a little ‘Sneaky’ Pete Kienow but it’s all good.