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Published on March 28th, 2014

Pat Quilter has answered the call for 15-inch power in a portable package. The highly anticipated Steelaire amplifier redefines what »

Published on March 13th, 2014

This story is from If you’re a Led Zeppelin fan, June 3 is your Celebration Day. That’s the day »

Published on February 12th, 2014

The show includes memorabilia from David Bowie, Queen, and other classic rock acts. »

Published on January 17th, 2014

Most guitarists and fans who have paid close attention to Eddie Van Halen’s career likely think of him as a »

Published on November 26th, 2013

Over the past half century, Howard “Buzz” Feiten has played guitar for dozens of the greatest rock, pop, and soul »

Published on November 1st, 2013

Although the electric guitar has existed in various forms since the Thirties, it didn’t become a truly popular, successful instrument »

Published on October 22nd, 2013

ABOVE: Don Felder’s 1959 Gibson Les Paul. BELOW: Brian May’s Red Special. BOTTOM: From the collection of Steve Morse. All »

Published on September 11th, 2013

While selecting the destination for the second installment of this year’s Guitar Safari series (which finds me riding a stunning »

Published on August 28th, 2013

It’s a broiling late-summer afternoon when I pick up the Triumph Street Triple R that will convey me to the »

Published on August 13th, 2013

On August 27, Sony Legacy will release Higher! — the first-ever career-spanning box set from Sly & The Family Stone. »