Buddy Guy Recalls His First Time Seeing an Electric Guitar

March 30th, 2016


Ernie Ball has just launched The Pursuit of Tone, the company’s new AT&T original documentary series.

The premiere episode highlights blues legend Buddy Guy and his historic career. In this clip, Buddy shares the story behind the first time he saw an electric guitar, played by Lighting Slim, in his hometown of Louisiana.

“That was the first electric guitar I’d ever seen, and I thought it was a joke,” Guy says.

He recalls that Slim’s amp was not very large or loud, and notes that B.B. King used an amp of similar size and wattage to record his first hit record, “Three O’Clock Blues” (Guy misremembers the title as “Three O’Clock in the Morning”).

“It wasn’t no big sound,” Guy says. “It was something you could hear much louder than you could acoustic guitar.”

You can watch the entire episode on-demand on Audience Music (Directv ch.239 or on U-Verse ch.1114). To watch other Ernie Ball: The Pursuit of Tone clips and episodes, visit ErnieBall.com.