Boutique Chic: Pheo Guitars

May 26th, 2011

By Tor Caracappa, Head of Visual for John Varvatos

We’ve all seen our fair share of guitars and gear. But until you’ve glimpsed one of Phil Sylvester’s Pheo guitars or amps, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Phil is one of those serious overachievers who wears multiple hats (jazz man, mathematician, visual artist, and luthier among them) and also finds a way to have fun with his…  business? His art? Whatever you call Sylvester’s creations, anyone who can reinvent the shape of a guitar and make it sound killer in the process (while at the same time naming it the “Best Worst” model), as well as turn an old hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, or coffee table into an amp is having a great time pushing the gear boundaries.

For more information visit Pheo Guitars

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