Boutique Chic: Koll Guitar Company

August 11th, 2011

By Tor Caracappa, Head of Visual for John Varvatos


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Duo Glide

Generally speaking, guitar makers tend to find their niche and stick with it. So you have to appreciate a guitar builder who isn’t afraid to push his the limits; a builder who refuses to be pigeonholed into one shape or one type of guitar building. Someone who will design hollow bodies, solid bodies, arch tops, V’s, and more, and make each special in its own way.

That said, Saul Koll, my hat is off to ya! As I worked my way through all the different models produced by his Portland, Oregon-based outfit, Koll Guitar Company, I found liked each guitar more than the one before it. I think you will too.

For more information, visit Koll Guitar Company

  • I own a Koll TV Glide. Bought it about 10 years ago. These are great guitars at a great price. A custom made instrument to my specifications that cost less than many comparable factory made Gibson models.

  • Dawn Ballew

    Stunning craftsmanship