Boutique Chic: Heavy Magic Soulified Sound Machines

January 20th, 2012

By Tor Caracappa, Head of Visual for John Varvatos

Sometimes rock and roll is about being over the top. Sometimes it’s about being the utmost, the furthermost, and what better place to start than with your gear? Now, I’ve  shown you some guitars that fit that bill, but when it comes to amps, I can’t think of many—if any—that fit the bill better than Heavy Magic Soulified Sound Machines. The guys at HMSSM take your favorite amps and/or speakers and refit them with custom designed amp heads and speaker cabs. Will Cascio and Bob Epstein hand-pick the finest woods and stains for the cabinets and hand carve the casts for knobs and more to make the most unique looking, one-of-a-kind custom amplifiers. The written word really cannot convey just how over-the-top these pieces are, so I suggest you take a look at these pics. Then pick up your jaw and look at them some more.

For more information visit Heavy Magic Soulified Sound Machines

  • james sherwood davis

    staggeringly gorgeous just like Bob Epstein in every aspect of life!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ben

    I had the pleasure of seeing this project develop throughout its lifespan, and I can say that it was done with the utmost creativity, craftsmanship and love. When seen in person, one realizes that no words or even pictures can do it justice; it just plain leaves one speechless.