Blog: The Marc Bolan Les Paul

January 26th, 2011

By Richard Bienstock

For those electric warriors in search of the perfect ax, Gibson has announced the imminent release of the Custom Shop Marc Bolan Les Paul, a reproduction of the iconic glam rocker’s primary instrument. Bolan’s guitar, used by the T. Rex frontman during the band’s seventies heyday, was stolen around the time of his death, at age 29, in 1977.

Though it remains unclaimed, the instrument, which sported an orange hue on its refinished body, is believed to have been a ‘50s model fitted with various necks over its lifetime. The new Custom Shop creation will sport ’50s Standard specs and a black Custom neck, and Gibson captures the original’s distinctive look with a finish the company has termed “Bolan Chablis.” Other specs and details have yet to be released—though it is assumed that feather boa will not be included.

  • it’s a great guitar, for sure.
    here’s an article about Marc Bolan’s shrine in Barnes, South-West London:
    Marc Bolan Shrine

  • saliba

    i think i have the original marc bolan lost guitar. he even wrote on the neck the number 3 or m, i need to c how he wrote his 3’s or m’s. i dont no who to talk to. 8185881285 call