Blog: Rock Royalty Bejeweled Guitars

May 12th, 2011

By Richard Bienstock

In the May/June 2011 issue of Guitar Aficionado, we reported on the burgeoning world of custom bejeweled guitar design. Among the firms at the vanguard of this industry is Rock Royalty, which produces custom jeweled guitars studded primarily with diamonds and natural sapphires in assorted colors and saturations, as well as offers a procedure called KAGED, in which a guitar is wrapped in exotic materials such as alligator or stingray. Says the company’s David King, “We look at each guitar as an absolute work of art in itself.”

Here, we present a selection of the company’s fine designs.

  • Bobby Schultz

    Great pictures ! I just wish you’d have a paragraph or two about the story behind each one. Like who owns it and what it means to them.