“Billie Jean” Gets the Percussive Fingerstyle Treatment

December 7th, 2016


By Damian Fanelli

A few years ago, Guitar World published a popular lesson dedicated to percussive acoustic guitar playing.

Even though it had absolutely nothing to do with Michael Jackson, the lesson was called “Beat It,” just because it seemed fairly clever at the time.

So it’s cool that someone has finally come along and done a riveting percussive-acoustic fingerstyle version of a classic Jackson tune, “Billie Jean.”

The pro-shot music video shows guitarist Alexandr Misko playing the solo-guitar piece in a perfectly lit tavern as patrons order drinks (and eat peanuts) in the background. We suggest you check it out.

For more about Misko, subscribe to his YouTube channel.

  • Mike M.

    This is very impressive.
    As an aside, I did not see any guitar strap and I would think that it would have been very easy for the guitar to slide out of his hands, given his playing posture.

  • Hemp Meadows

    Just got turned onto your site reading a story in the Wall Street Journal. Love it! Keep on rockin! Hemp