A Hollowed-Out 1953 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop at Lark Street Music

September 25th, 2012

By Buzzy Levine

Here’s what’s new and interesting at Lark Street Music in Teaneck, New Jersey.

Here’s a 1953 Goldtop Les Paul that was owned by an American genius who hollowed it out from the back.

Upon seeing it, Les Paul’s personal luthier asked, “Did Les do this?”

This is a great-sounding guitar — but don’t try this at home. Well, OK, yes, try it! Just not on another ’53 Les Paul. Or a ’57. Maybe a ’72 … they’re mostly too heavy anyway. An early nudge to Gibson to lighten up!

For more information, check out Lark Street Music’s official website and Facebook page.

Photos: Bernard Levine

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  1. Posted by David K. on September 27th, 2012, 20:34 [Reply]

    ? this devalued the Les Paul by how much? I guess it’s your guitar and You do as You wish …. Interesting, George Gruhn on the Cover-Main website ….

  2. Posted by JT on October 5th, 2012, 17:28 [Reply]

    I’m sure this was probably done long ago before these 50’s Les Pauls had any significant value……at least I hope so! I’ve done some stupid things to my guitars too, though never to this extent! Remember kiddies, the permanent modifications you make to your guitars while in your teens and 20’s you’ll probably regret in your 30’s and 40’s and on up!

  3. Posted by grownnnnn on October 6th, 2012, 01:38 [Reply]

    son of a ….

  4. Posted by P. Starr on October 15th, 2012, 18:52 [Reply]

    I personally don’t buy guitars to store away and have as museum pieces. I can’t afford to have custom ones made, so mine get modded to however I want them. And I never buy a guitar then turn around and sell it. Why buy it in the first place? Do you realize how many Les Pauls, SGs, Strats, Teles and every other major guitar style there are out there? If the idea is to keep them all stock and mint, then why not just carry them straight from the factory to the museum?

  5. Posted by Graham Tichy on February 7th, 2014, 10:26 [Reply]

    I am now the owner of this guitar and…. it’s AWESOME!

  6. Posted by BRS on May 11th, 2015, 09:02 [Reply]

    I like the idea of modding some guitars and leaving others mint like one of my first 100 serial # guitars will stay untouched other than playing. Then my Fender Stratocaster that started out as sun burst, then 12mo later stripped, stained red and given a new neck, then stripped again (now Black Japan) and given a narrower bridge and new loaded pick guard. The point is some guitars are brought home perfect for playing, others just need a little tweaking.

  7. Posted by Brian Kehew on March 18th, 2016, 03:58 [Reply]

    I was going to buy this very guitar! I played it and it played great (as they do) and it sings like a hollowbody Gretsch meets a Les Paul. I already have an original 1953/4 and it has the best tone, but for the reduced price, this guitar was worth grabbing. Good job Graham.


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